Why Looking At the Sky Is a Great Activity

Embrace Freedom

Looking at the sky connects you to nature and restores your hope. When you stare at the sky, it slows you down and allows you to take a deep breath. It relaxes your mind, expands your soul; you feel the nature, and embrace freedom.

Know the Universe

By looking at the sky, you discover there are no limitations or boundaries. You can see that space has no borders, time, and gravity. You come to know about galaxies, Milky Ways, Stars, and other cosmic bodies. You understand that there is a huge space of unopened and unrevealed experiences.

Learn the Night Sky

What is Pegasus? What does Cassiopeia look like? Is Orion winter or summer constellation? Looking at the sky is a great fun activity for your family. You kids will learn about stars and heavenly bodies. You can even ask them to make their own constellations. Ask your kids to follow a satellite or meteor. Bring a few age-appropriate books and make your kids learn about astronomy.

Connect the Past

The sky reminds people of their past and where they are coming from. When you look at the sky, you see a history of times and places before you. This activity allows you to observe and analyze where you are right now as well as make you think about where you are coming from.

Make a Wish

Everything we see around is finite, but space or heavens. Looking at the sky captivates you and adds to the mystery above you. Many people look up to the heavens, pray, and make a wish. The sky offers you a way out and takes you to somewhere unknown. It opens a door to more connections and journeys.

Love the Moon

The moon is the nearest cosmic body to the world. Most people don’t see the moon often. They take it for granted and see it when there is something special such as the super moon and the lunar eclipse.

You must look at this amazing creation and appreciate your nearest neighbor. To do this, you need a pair of binoculars to see the moon close up. The moon is full of ridges and craters. Allowing your kids to see the moon through binoculars with powerful magnification is surely a great activity.